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Thanks...and I hope you enjoy the site!!

David Ziebarth, adult webmaster

Ian K., Scout webmaster


Web Site Feature: Synchronize Personal Digital Calendar with Web Site Calendar!!

Posted on Apr 13 2017 - 10:03am

Here's just a reminder of the ability to synchronize events on the troop's web site with your personal, digital calendar.    

Do you use Microsoft Outlook at work and would like to automatically update with the troop's calendar? Now you can!

Do you have an iPhone, Android phone, or Windows Mobile phone and would like to automatically update with the troop's calendar? Now you can!

Do you want to synchronize your personal Google calendar with the troop's calendar? Now you can!

Instructions can be found on the troop web site. You can also find them if you Click Here --> Calendar Sync Instructions 

Massawepie Money due ASAP

Posted on Apr 8 2017 - 9:44pm

Hi Troop, Massawepie Payment Due for Early Bird Pricing

This week is when we need to have the complete payment in for any Scout wishing to take advantage of the Early Bird pricing for Massawepie.  The early bird price is $375. After Monday's meeting, the price goes up to regular price of $400.

1 week of Summer camp - $400
Early Bird Fee if paid in full (to council) by April 12 - $375
Adult fee - $200

March 8, 2017 - $100 per Scout and Adult is due
April 12, 2017 - Balance due for Early Bird Pricing
May 10, 2017 - Balance due for Regulary Price
after May 10, $30 late fee

For new Scouts (Webelos that just crossed over), no late fee will be charged.

Brother Discount - Brothers that are attending sumer camp will be elegible for a $25 per Brother discount.  This needs to be applied for using the Fee Adjustment Request Form.

Additional weeks at Masswepie.  If you wish to attend additional weeks at summer camp, additional weeks are $200 if paid in full by April 12, otherwise $300.

Adults staying partial week - Council really has no provision to handle adults that are only comping a partial week.  No proration/half week pricing.  There are a couple options though:
1. Team up with another adult that is staying the other part of the week and split the fee.  Therefore, if one is staing the first half and the other the second half.  Then, you could split the fee and use 1 Adult spot.  If you choose to do this, please communicate with Mr. Madison and Kerri Rogers.
2. Wait till you get to camp.  Check in at the camp office,  Pay for the day/days/meals you will be staying.  Let Mr. Madison that you will be taking this option so that he is aware.
3. Pay for a full position.

In the 2nd option, we may need to pitch a tent or something to accomodate your overnights.


Posted on Apr 8 2017 - 8:56pm

In a couple weeks, our troop heads to Boston, Massachusets to experience another venue of our country's history. Boston masacre, Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere's historic ride, the USS Constitution... These are just a few of the exciting things we'll see and learn about.  Other things we'll be doing is visiting the Boston Acquarium, taking a harbor cruise and having a guided tour of the first part of the Feedom Trail.

We leave on April 20 at 10:00am and will be driving to BSA Camp Nobscot. Here, we'll be staying in a cabin with bunks.  The first night, we'll be hiking back to a cabin about 1/2 mile away from the parking lot. So, bring your gear in a backpack that you can carry.  Friday, we'll be moving to a different cabin close to the parking lot and Big Gus.

Bring a bag lunch for the trip out.  We'll also be stoping for dinner while on the road.  Bring enough spending money for dinner on Thursday, lunch on Friday and for the trip home.  You may also want to pick up som souveniers while in Boston.  There will be some time for exploring the city on Saturday after the acquarium.

We'll be in Class A uniform while we travel to and from Pittsford and while we are in Boston. As you know, Class A means: Scout shirt, neckerchief, and Scout pants/shorts.  If you wear shorts, you should be wearing Scout socks too.

Budget/Cost is really tight this year. While we targeted $100 per person, at this point, that doesn't account for gas or parking in Boston.  So, we really need to collect $120 from everyone.  Please bring this to the meeting on Monday.  We have made reservations for 23 at the diffferent locations/activities and we'll be making payments for this number.  We do have room for 1 more Scout as we had a last minute cancelation.  Please let know if you want to take this open spot.


Alexander Ziebarth Eagle Scout Project

Posted on Mar 27 2017 - 9:23pm
Hello Troop 167!

I'm working on my Eagle Scout project right now, which will be interviewing veterans for the Library of Congress.  The scheduled work dates for this project are coming up very soon, Saturday April 8 and April 15.

There are two very important parts of this project: veterans and volunteers. 
If you are or know anybody who is a veteran, please contact me at my email aznerd2000@gmail.com or my phone number (585)-387-0035

If you are a Scout, and would like to sign up to help with the project, go to http://doodle.com/poll/3s7ha883s2w6nydr    (You can also sign up on the troop's website / calendar, if you prefer)

An important aspect of this project is the actual interviewing. Scouts who sign up to volunteer will either be handling recording equipment, greeting veterans in the lobby, or actually interviewing veterans.

I'd like to ask that Scouts volunteering to be interviewers should be First Class or higher rank.  

The project is at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Everybody involved in the interview aspect of this project should arrive at Noon (on April 8) and 8 am (April 15), regardless of shift, for training. Snacks and lunch will be provided.  Shifts will be 2 hours from 9am-11am, 11am to 1pm, etc.
Thank you for the help,
Alex Ziebarth

Scouting For Food - 2017...

Posted on Feb 19 2017 - 9:12pm

The Scouting for Food drive is coming up. The days are Saturday, March 11th for drop off, and Saturday the 18th for pickup. Please register on the website so we know you are helping. This activity helps our community, and remember that you can submit the community service hours from this event for school credit. Information regarding school community service hours should be found on your school's website.

Start Time: Saturday, 3/11 & 3/18 9:00 AM

End Time: Saturday, 3/11 & 3/18 approx. 12:00 PM

Location: St. Paul's Church (Meet in parking lot for attendance and instructions. Vehicles will be assigned areas for bag distribution).

In addition to scouts, we will need adult drivers, so please register as well.

Elliot Tindall
ASPL of Community Service

Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

Posted on Feb 19 2017 - 8:45pm

Facts about the Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser  
Sunday March 26th, 2017
8-10 am

Enclosed please find 8 tickets to be sold for the Applebee’s Fundraiser.  The goal of this fundraiser is to raise funds for the Troop.   You are responsible for selling all tickets given to you. You can give them as gifts to your teachers, family, friends, or sell them in your neighborhood.    If you can’t sell them, you must buy them yourself so that we can count on all tickets being sold. I will expect $6 from you for each ticket enclosed. Remember that you will have to use a ticket the day of the fundraiser if you want to eat so be sure to keep one for yourself.

Time Commitment:  Training begins at 7:30am and the event continues until 10:30am with clean up.  
** Troop Leadership (SPL,ASPLs, OA Rep. and Quartermasters) and STORM team are to stay the entire time.  ***

All other patrols will be assigned a 1.5 hour shift , either 730-9:00 or 9:00-10:30, please be on-time. The Scouts working the later shift can come early to eat before your shift. The scouts working the first shift can eat after they are done with their shift. You will get your job assignment upon arrival.

7:30-9:00am                                                       9:00-10:30am
Hawks                                                               Arctic Wolves
Ninja                                                                 Blue Robots
Silver Wolverines                                              American Crocodiles
Velociraptors                                                    Flaming Narwhals

Wear Class A Uniforms - pants, no shorts, non-slip shoes. Must have clean hair and tied back if it is longer than collar length

Money is due by March 13th.   Please make sure you label an envelope with your name. You may pay with cash or check (made out to troop 167) . We will be at the Feb 27th, March 13th (troop meeting) and the March 5th court of honor giving out tickets and collecting your $48 dollars.

Jobs are as follows: (we will have assignments)

  • Greeter:  Greet guests as they arrive and take tickets
  • Seater:   Seat guests, manage wait list if necessary
  • Pancake Server:  Serve pancakes from the kitchen
  • Beverage Server:  Serve coffee, soda, milk, juice from beverage area
  • Busser: Clear dishes quickly after patron leaves and clean table
  • Kitchen help: Arranging the food on the plates in the kitchen/dish washer

I also need some parent volunteers for kitchen helpers, drinks, coffee makers and coffee pourers.  Please let us know if you can help out.

We will be having seasoned scouts working alongside the newer scouts.
We will plan on seeing you all there. Happy Selling!


Kim Strassner 585-233-0722 Kimstrassner@rochester.rr.com
Joe Fullone 585-750-8587 Jfullone@brightonsurgery.com
Susie Zuniga 585-585-739-8149    susiezuniga@hotmail.com


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