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Troop 167 logoIntroduction

Troop 167 was founded early in the 1950’s. We are located at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in the village of Pittsford. They are our troop sponsor and our host.


Troop Motto


Our troop motto is “On the Move … We Bring Back Most”.


Boy Led Troop


Our troop is led by the boys with parental guidance as needed. We have an election every January for a new senior patrol leader, new assistant senior patrol leaders, and new patrol leaders; they make up our Patrol Leaders Council (PLC). Once a month, the PLC gets together to discuss troop matters and plan trips.


Promoted Over 150 Eagle Scouts  


Troop 167 has promoted over 150 Eagle Scouts since the troop was first created in the early 1950’s. By decade, the troop has promoted 1 in the 1950’s, 5 in the 1960’s, 7 in the 1970’s, 18 in the 1980’s, 29 in the 1990’s, and 62 in the 2000 -2010 years and 23 so far since 2010.


About Meetings


Our meetings run from 7:00pm to 8:30pm two Monday’s per month. We always wear our Class A uniforms to meetings. We start our meetings presenting the flags, reciting the Scout Oath and Law, the Pledge of Allegiance and announcements. Our meetings are planned by the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and usually involve a specific skill, merit badge or teambuilding activity. The meetings are run by our Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Patol Leader, Instructors and other experienced scouts. Scouts are organized by Patrol (IE: team) and are typically at the same rank or age.  If there is an upcoming trip or campout, the skills and knowledge required for the campout are the main focus of the meeting.  Meetings end with a inspirational "scoutmaster minute" and a Troop fellowship circle.



Camping Trip Each Month


We have a camping trip almost every month. They are fun and exiting and you always learn something. We camp in all four seasons and always cook our own food on our trips. Some of the camping trips we go on include Gettysburg Pennsylvania, campout at Mendon Ponds Park, Adirondack Whitewater Rafting, and a couple of the 46ers in the Adirondacks.


Summer Camp


The summer camp we usually attend is called Camp Massawepie and it’s in the Adirondacks. Most of the scouts go to Massawepie. It's 3,300 acres of Boy Scout fun! You can earn from 3 to 5+ merit badges. The food there is really good. You have meals and spend evenings with the Troop. There are different things scheduled for each day so you’re rarely ever bored. For older scouts, there are daily and multiple-day adventure trips you can take called Treks.


There are other national camps you can also go to. Some scouts in the troop have also gone to NYLT and Philmont. NYLT stands for National Youth Leadership Training. Philmont is in New Mexico. It is a harder camp so only a few of the older boys go there. Another camp you can go to is Florida Sea Base; this is a water sport camp in the Florida Keys. If you choose to go, you are going to have a blast.


Check out our latest schedule of meetings and events  (Click here)

Service to Our Community

Troop 167 has the honor to raise and lower the flags in the Village of Pittsford on all of the national holidays. We also do Scouting for Food and Clothing every year to benefit the people in need. We have also adopted a section of the path along the Erie Canal. We work on cleaning up the path.


Eagle Projects


One of the requirements for reaching Eagle is to do a project that benefits the community. You should help with other Eagle Projects because it will give you an idea of what you may want to do for your Eagle Project. Helping with other people’s Eagle Projects also count for community service hours which are needed for some Scout rank advancements.


Some of the Eagle Projects done recently were wooden fencing at the little league baseball fields, collecting books for the Golisano Children’s Hospital, cleaning up a cemetery and painting and thoroughly cleaning all of the lodges in a Town of Pittsford park. 




We sell Christmas weathes and popcorn in September and October every year to help with the funds required for all of our trips.




We have been a very successful troop in Scouting, and a very helpful troop in our community. Our troop is growing, in 2014 alone we added over 30 new Boy Scouts and are actively recruiting to add more Scouts this year!

For additional information on Troop 167 including our current scouting program, please read the document attached to this web page. If you have additional questions or require more information, please email us at info@PittsfordTroop167.org

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